Sorry for the lack of updates again, folks. Been a busy few weeks here and haven’t had time to prepare the next entry.

Without getting into the weirdness of my schedule, I often have lots of time to write the actual blog posts, but the process of prepping them (taking notes on and getting screen-grabs from scenes) is considerably more involved and I usually only have small windows of time to get that done. Last time such a window opened, I had only just gotten the first season of True Detective on Bluray, and I thought, “okay, I’ll just watch a few episodes of this real quick, then get some work done” and next thing you know, I was up all night watching literally the entire thing. Sorry.

Meanwhile, here’s some possibly interesting blog stats.

By hits, as of now the five most popular individual entries on this blog (besides the main page, anyway) are:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (fight 1 of 6)

The Raid: Redemption (fight 5 of 5)

Rocky (series retrospective)

The Rundown (fight 3 of 4)

The Rundown (fight 1 of 4)

The first three are no surprise, I suppose, but the love I’ve seen for The Rundown far surpasses what I expected when I first wrote about it. I also get a lot of search result hits on it. Seems it’s grown into more of a cult hit than I realized, which is fine by me. Maybe we’ll finally get that sequel soon.

The five least popular individual entries (omitting a testing post and a simple exhortation to go see Pacific Rim are:

Dark City

One Piece, Alabasta arc (fight 5 of 6)

One Piece, Alabasta arc (fight 1 of 6)

One Piece, Alabasta arc (fight 2 of 6)

Superman vs The Elite (fight 2 of 4)

Lesson: Don’t write about cartoons. Well, to be fair, most of those are much newer so they haven’t had as much time to garner hits yet, and they’re all at least somewhat obscure.

I tried to look up which categories/subjects have the most clicks, but it seems WordPress doesn’t offer stats on that, unfortunately.

The most-commented entries are:

Thor (fight 4 of 4)

Rob Roy (fight 2 of 2)

The Rundown (fight 4 of 4)

Brotherhood of the Wolf (fight 1 of 5)

Star Wars, Prequel Trilogy (retrospective, part 2 of 2)

Those last three are a three-way tie at five, incidentally. Also I reply individually to most comments and none of them have broken the single digits, so this doesn’t exactly prove much.

WordPress doesn’t let me organize my post lists by the number of Likes, but since those numbers are even lower than the comments so no big loss there. Glancing through it seems the winners are tied at four Likes apiece: The Mask of Zorro (fight 5 of 5) and Super Metroid. The latter is probably because I linked to it in the comments of a popular video game site; the former is probably because it was such a great scene, and a real joy to write.

Also, I started another “blog,” though it’s really just a one-off place to store a small essay I wrote a few months ago. It’s much more “serious” in tone than this site so I’m not guaranteeing you’ll like it if you’re a fan of GFS, but just in case you do, here it is.

Hopefully I’ll have the retrospective on Fearless up next week. Also, the new Godzilla movie can’t come out on video soon enough– I’m going to grade the living crap out of that.


And what brings you here? … oh.

I don’t know about other blog systems, but WordPress has this nice feature where it tells you what search terms (though not all of them; apparently it doesn’t interface with certain search engines) have brought people to your site. Or maybe just which search results your site has popped up in, I’m not sure.

For my site, most of these are quite predictable– “connor kurgan highlander,” “best rocky fight scene” etc. But some of them are a bit… unexpected, or just downright unconventional. I figured that as another part of celebrating the blog’s anniversary month, I’d share some of the more eyebrow-raising ones I’ve noticed. What follows is that list, with any commentary from me in brackets. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


julie san karate kid

gamera turtle justice league unlimited

catfights stomping & kicking using feet

porn movies with action and fighting scenes [That’s one tag I haven’t used yet.]

what is written on becks gun in the run down

punch count rocky movies

picfic rim filght secne

vegeta it ain’t ralph level

pinned by sex mako 53

prince humperdink villain or not [Ha ha, seriously?]

morpheus and niobe wedding

a metallurgical history of ancient sword making by brenda wyatt book cover

shirtless comics “stripped to the waist” punishment whipping army

movie world gone wild from 80’s guy getting chomped by dog

star wars prequels are unwatchable

rob roy faces like this are why punching [Glad to see that caption’s catching on.]

beckwith mashup(boss)2013

surf ninjas black guy

how to make unhurtable traps

hoc vs thor

apollo knock rocky down

yari film 2013 wayne gretzky [On steroids?]

what grade 2 looks like on a man all over

end of eighties fighting comics man fighter could transform into bigger muscles

what is the name of the katana-toting scotsman in the original “highlander” movie?

2 dragons fighting over sex

april o’neil unconscious

are there alot of fight scenes in ironman 3 [Nope.]

tmnt shredder stabbed raph how did it begin

miss march unrated scenes

peterpan records superman vs the elite

where can you find an omnidroid

film where human fights alien where computer adjusts fighters strength to make it a fair fight

the incredibles-sexy elastigirl in her costume observes her butt

helen parr tied up and gagged

who is the real hero of transformers movie series optimus prime or sam witwicky

was camera work good for movie thor

ninja hattori anus


Tired blogger needs a break

Hey folks. You may have noticed there were no updates last week; there also won’t be any updates this week.  Without getting into the vagaries of my work schedule, home life and overall down time, I often have very small windows in which to obtain, watch, and take notes/screen grabs on subjects. This past few weeks, for various reasons, it just wasn’t happening.

At the moment I have two entries in the can and will hopefully be able to start some more drafts soon, so next week we should be able to return to a regular schedule of two entries (or one long entry) per week, so fear not.

Not that I’m getting a lot of desperate queries as to where the content went, or imagining that people are even wondering it; curiously, even as my page views have gone up dramatically this year, reader feedback has gone down. Writers are a needy bunch, so feel free to Like, comment, or share an entry which catches your interest.

Meanwhile, this month marks the one-year anniversary of the blog. Wow! That snuck up on me. I have to say it’s been a fun ride, with about 35 different subjects covered and 120 entries. I’ve enjoyed the reader feedback I have received so far and I’m happy if I’ve entertained or enlightened any of you, but I’m equally happy just for the opportunity to examine at length a topic I love and to have a place to express myself. (Finding even a minor way to monetize this project would be great as well, but getting ads on WordPress seems to be a harder process than I was led to believe.) So the blog’s birthday is just as good an excuse as any to take a two-week break.

Keep reading,



I just got back from my local Alamo Drafthouse, and I have one VERY IMPORTANT message for the GFS community:





Not later. This weekend. Send Hollywood the right message.