About The Site

Who are you?

My name’s Eric Spratling.

I’m just some dude.

What do you do here?

I grade fight scenes!

No kidding. What criteria do you grade them on?

I consider not just the choreography but everything that goes into making the scene what it is:

·         how the scene is shot

·         how it sounds (both music & sound effects)

·         how it’s paced

·         how it’s edited

·         how well the actors & stuntmen sell it

·         how it’s set up

·         how believable it is (in realistic terms and/or within the world of the story)

·         how well the dialogue (or lack thereof) in it works

·         how satisfactory it is to the story

And more! All as applicable, of course. Note that last criterion: I do not have one specific, objective standard which I apply across all fights. I judge each fight for how well it accomplishes what it tries to accomplish and/or should be accomplishing, and all within the context of the story.

With each entry I will try to grade all the noteworthy fight scenes in a specific movie or, if more practical, across an entire franchise. On occasion I will break from that and call out specific fights from media which I found exemplary or worth discussion.

Isn’t this all subjective?

Of course. I try as best as I can to step back and take a reasonable, measured view of a scene’s components. If something resonates with me personally, I will say so, and explain why.

What constitutes a “fight scene”?

Hard to pin down. It can be an impromptu duel to the death or a sanctioned sporting match; unarmed or with any manner of bladed/blunt weapons; one-on-one or melee. Sometimes it can even be godlike superheroes blasting each other through cities, but only when we’re very lucky.

Not every “action sequence with a violent conflict” qualifies, though. No car chases or large-scale war sequences, for instance. No shootouts, but small-scale gunfights *might* count, under limited circumstances. Nothing that is completely one-sided and brief, either, such as a simple assault or an unexpected murder.

What makes you the expert?

Nothing in particular. But no one else was doing this, so.

I will say right now that while I know a few things, I claim no special expertise in fields such as martial arts, fencing, medicine, munitions, or metallurgy. I am not a violent person and frankly I’m not even in very good physical shape.

I do consider myself very well-versed in movies & entertainment, but again I will not claim to have any mastery in this field. I just like to be entertained without being treated like an idiot. And I love a good fight scene.

Why are you doing this?

Why not?

Aren’t you just criticizing other people’s hard work?

Criticism, properly done & understood, is not merely complaining about what we don’t like but also about celebrating what we love. And as I said, I love a good fight scene.

How can I support the site?

First of all, by signing up for my Patreon. If that’s not your thing, please feel free to share, comment, and Like on Facebook!

5 comments on “About The Site

  1. Smash says:

    Dude, this shit is so awesome! I’m pumped. Read the 4th installment of the Matrix Reloaded fight scene and loved it. Keep at it buddy, I’m looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Hey dude i was wondering i was aiming to use one of your images in my uni coursework, the images won’t be used to agian any profit nor will they be used for anything other than university studies is this okay to do ?

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