I’m back, and I want your money

Hi there, true believers! Your eyes do not deceive you, your princess is not in another castle: there is in fact a new post on this dusty blog!

I’m not dead, at least I don’t think so, nor did I turn into some fight-hating pacifist. Time & responsibilities just caught up with me, and the blog’s backburner status slowly became semi-permanent. But it’s a new year… well, technically it’s the fifth new year since I went quiet, and therefore a slightly different landscape for content creators these days. To that end, I’ve created a Patreon for this site. To pre-emptively answer a few hypothetical questions:

  • Don’t worry: no matter what you choose to donate or not donate, you will still have access to all of this site’s new and old material
  • The Patreon is operating on a per post basis, not a monthly one, so Patrons will not be on the fiscal hook for any future gaps in content
  • Posts will continue at roughly the same pace as before when possible (or when it’s not a holiday, etc): no more than two per week, and sometimes only one, if it’s a Retrospective. And I won’t gouge subscribers by covering fights for a subject I would normally skip, nor will administrative updates (like this one) count as Patron posts.

Any amount, even as small as a dollar, that you can give would be welcome. Thanks for sticking around this long, and if all goes according to plan we’ll get back into the swing of things by this time next week. Keep fighting!

— Eric

One comment on “I’m back, and I want your money

  1. anonymous says:

    Great! I looked at this site a couple of months ago and apsolutely love that you’ve come back, bangin’ non-profit entertainment. Well done!

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