And what brings you here? … oh.

I don’t know about other blog systems, but WordPress has this nice feature where it tells you what search terms (though not all of them; apparently it doesn’t interface with certain search engines) have brought people to your site. Or maybe just which search results your site has popped up in, I’m not sure.

For my site, most of these are quite predictable– “connor kurgan highlander,” “best rocky fight scene” etc. But some of them are a bit… unexpected, or just downright unconventional. I figured that as another part of celebrating the blog’s anniversary month, I’d share some of the more eyebrow-raising ones I’ve noticed. What follows is that list, with any commentary from me in brackets. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


julie san karate kid

gamera turtle justice league unlimited

catfights stomping & kicking using feet

porn movies with action and fighting scenes [That’s one tag I haven’t used yet.]

what is written on becks gun in the run down

punch count rocky movies

picfic rim filght secne

vegeta it ain’t ralph level

pinned by sex mako 53

prince humperdink villain or not [Ha ha, seriously?]

morpheus and niobe wedding

a metallurgical history of ancient sword making by brenda wyatt book cover

shirtless comics “stripped to the waist” punishment whipping army

movie world gone wild from 80’s guy getting chomped by dog

star wars prequels are unwatchable

rob roy faces like this are why punching [Glad to see that caption’s catching on.]

beckwith mashup(boss)2013

surf ninjas black guy

how to make unhurtable traps

hoc vs thor

apollo knock rocky down

yari film 2013 wayne gretzky [On steroids?]

what grade 2 looks like on a man all over

end of eighties fighting comics man fighter could transform into bigger muscles

what is the name of the katana-toting scotsman in the original “highlander” movie?

2 dragons fighting over sex

april o’neil unconscious

are there alot of fight scenes in ironman 3 [Nope.]

tmnt shredder stabbed raph how did it begin

miss march unrated scenes

peterpan records superman vs the elite

where can you find an omnidroid

film where human fights alien where computer adjusts fighters strength to make it a fair fight

the incredibles-sexy elastigirl in her costume observes her butt

helen parr tied up and gagged

who is the real hero of transformers movie series optimus prime or sam witwicky

was camera work good for movie thor

ninja hattori anus

2 comments on “And what brings you here? … oh.

  1. Deborah K. says:

    It’s a shame that Google won’t reveal the keywords anymore on WordPress. Seeing the random stuff people would search for is always one of the highlights of blogging. “2 dragons fighting over sex” what post was this???

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