Tired blogger needs a break

Hey folks. You may have noticed there were no updates last week; there also won’t be any updates this week.  Without getting into the vagaries of my work schedule, home life and overall down time, I often have very small windows in which to obtain, watch, and take notes/screen grabs on subjects. This past few weeks, for various reasons, it just wasn’t happening.

At the moment I have two entries in the can and will hopefully be able to start some more drafts soon, so next week we should be able to return to a regular schedule of two entries (or one long entry) per week, so fear not.

Not that I’m getting a lot of desperate queries as to where the content went, or imagining that people are even wondering it; curiously, even as my page views have gone up dramatically this year, reader feedback has gone down. Writers are a needy bunch, so feel free to Like, comment, or share an entry which catches your interest.

Meanwhile, this month marks the one-year anniversary of the blog. Wow! That snuck up on me. I have to say it’s been a fun ride, with about 35 different subjects covered and 120 entries. I’ve enjoyed the reader feedback I have received so far and I’m happy if I’ve entertained or enlightened any of you, but I’m equally happy just for the opportunity to examine at length a topic I love and to have a place to express myself. (Finding even a minor way to monetize this project would be great as well, but getting ads on WordPress seems to be a harder process than I was led to believe.) So the blog’s birthday is just as good an excuse as any to take a two-week break.

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6 comments on “Pause

  1. Deborah K. says:


  2. Deborah K. says:

    Perhaps for a bloggiversary, you could have a poll or something where readers choose a movie for you to grade? Either you pick from the suggestions or you give us a list and we vote?

  3. Read this site every day. Your absences are… noted.

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